South Africa – Yes we can be proud

South Africa – Yes we can be proud

While we struggle a bit with the petrol prices there is still a lot to be proud of in our beautiful country, like for example our international Motorsport connections.

FMX really?

Jason Moriarty is a name every FMX fan, rider or person in the know, recognize. He was head judge for the Red Bull X-fighters. And he is South African. His accomplishments are numerous in South Africa alone, but to be a head judge of an international extreme sports championship is legendary.

Sick Nick is a name that most people are also familiar with. Nick de Wit calls Muldersdrift home but has competed and showed all over the world with his Arial acrobatics on a motorcycle. He is an FMX rider that has inspired a whole nation.

Alistair Sayer, although from Botswana, still trains a lot in SA and has competed in the biggest tournaments for FMX and even held the highest jump record!


When talking about AMA Motocross you think Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart and Ryan Villapoto. Do you know that they have a South African Trainer for the years they won championships? Yes, that’s right, Aldon Baker. He is so good at what he does that KTM has hired him full time for their riders. Older riders actually claim he ruined the sport with how hard he trains his guys. Ken Roczen won his championship on a privateer outfit. And his mechanic? South African. Another trainer who hails from South Africa who can boast about AMA champions is Brett Swanepoel. With a racing pedigree of his own he’s taken his roots and made himself a trainer to the champs. He trained Aaron Plessinger and Zach Osbourne during their 250 victories.

Another name that will become synonymous with AMA MX is Ian Hamilton. He is taking over Roger DeCosta at the head of the KTM Red Bull factory team. And I’ll give you one guess where he is from.

Grant Langston, who is a rider from South Africa has the trophy on his mantel from his championship and now commentates for the AMA outdoor season. His wit is pure home grown.

Caldum Mc Lellan has just won an FIM European championship, at 13! Youngest Red Bull sponsored rider, born and breed right here. 

Riders from the rainbow nation

Darryl Curtis is a name that no one needs an explanation for as to whom he is. I would list his accomplishments, but I would run out of space.

Wade Young? Another enduro rider who at the tender age of 16 won The Roof of Africa. Another home grown rider who has furthered his medal collection since then.

Alfie Cox. One word: Legend. Now watch out for his son. A KTM ambassador that has promoted the brand nationally and internationally, his blood is orange.

Brian Capper, his skills on a trails bike has seen him compete in international competitions all over the world, in trails and enduro. And lets not forget his arch ride of the KZN stadium.

Brad Binder, South African world champion in the Moto 3. The world stood still when this rider from Potch took the championship and bolstered our national pride.

Joey Evans? No he doesn’t have a championship, nor a medal, but a few years ago he couldn’t walk. In 2017 he competed in and finished the Dakar. I’d proudly tell people he’s from my country, and find his accomplishments astounding.

Know any other South African’s making a splash over seas? Comment for us!

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