In these uncertain times, our communities need our support, so we have decided to give a helping hand to a different charity each month for the remainder of 2020.

The charity for August is @villagesafehaven , a home for orphaned and abandoned children. The home is located in Buccleuch, Sandton. It is run by a couple with the names Mike and Susan. The home is a cluster foster which means it is a home for children who are unable to be adopted. These are children that have severe illnesses. They also aim to keep siblings together.

The aim of the ride is to collect essential goods form the 25 of July up and till the morning of the 7th of August. a Bin is available at
the entrance of RAD_KTM which will be delivered on the day of the ride. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we are unfortunately limited to 30-35 people, therefore we ask the riders to RSVP at info@radmoto.co.za We will meet at RAD_KTM on the afternoon of the 7th of August at 13:30 , we will then depart at 14:00 after the route briefing. Please note that it is a road focused ride as the charity is in Sandton.

This is the list of needs they have supplied:

Baby Needs:
-Lactogen No. 2 Baby Formula
-Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe Baby Bath Wash -Chamomile Tea -Toys.

Other Needs:
Milk, Margarine, Bread, any type of Tinned Meat.
Sandwich Spread, Tea, Coffee, Milo, Rusks, Biscuits, Morvite Porridge, Bath Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste, Sta-Soft, Sunlight Liquid, Vanish Powder, Domestos, Scouring Sponges Pot scouters, Peanut Butter, Whiskas Cat Food, Water Purification’s .
We need your support, RAD_IN_DEED.