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Miguel de Waal


“I have always had a passion for all bikes, especially dirt bikes and the sport of Motocross. That pretty much sums up how I got into this amazing sport-it was all passion.

My dream was, and still is to one day race in America as a professional athlete against the best in the world, I will always try my best to do that and nothing will stop me from trying my hardest to make that a reality.

In my opinion, there is no other sport like motocross. The rush, the thrill and the time you get to spend with your friends & family is something I could not ask for in any other way.

Motocross is something that has taught me so much in life so far and has definitely shown me how to stay committed and dedicated to what I love,  I’m truly grateful for that.

So far in the time that I have been racing, I have achieved a few things that I am very proud of. I represented my country at the MXOAN (Motocross Of African Nations) in 2017 and finished 2nd in the 85cc Pro Mini class, third Place in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Regional championships, multiple National and regional podiums as well as winning a regional in 2018. Most recently, I competed at Mini O’s in the United States of America where I was able to achieve an 18th overall in supercross. 

Some of my goals for the future include, getting my first national Win, and possibly becoming a national champion in my country. My ultimate goal is to one day race full time as a professional overseas.”

Name: Miguel de Waal

Age: 16

Nickname: Migsta

Region: Johannesburg, South Africa

Class: 125cc High School Class

Robert Gibbon


Name: Robert Gibbon Age: 36

Claim to fame/Position at RAD: Brand ambassador and all round nice guy😛

How long have you been in the industry/or riding: Adventure and off-road since Jan 2018

When and what did you start riding: Got my first bike (Yammermaaa PW 80) when I was 5, crashed my first bike the same day and broke both legs. I road superbikes and track in my late teens and early 20’s and then focused on my career for the last decade with very little riding till this year. What are you riding now: A lot KTM 450 XCW, KTM 690, KTM 690 Rally and a KTM 1090R ADV

A brief history of your riding: Wow, so much riding this year I don’t know where to start, I’ve done over 40 000kms offroad riding since January 2018, starting with sand riding in Namaqua, then Skills training with iRide, GXCC, EWXC, all the Red Cherry Rally Raids, KTM adventure Rally, LDBA, NDBA, Pongola 500, FarmJam, Kalahari Rally and so many other events I can’t keep track.

Favourite place to ride: So far the Drakensburg and Transkei

Favourite bike (remember we’re ktm around here): All my KTM’s for different reasons. They just the best and READY to RACE!

Bucket list event on a bike: DAKAR

What piece of advice do you wish you knew when you started riding: Honestly I’ve learnt so much and still am every ride. Best advice so far would probably be to “Look where you want to go, not where you want to crash” Look ahead.

Place to visit for riding: Cant single one out, just ride and explore everywhere you can, you would be amazed what’s just around the corner.

Best memory on a bike: So far, The finish line for Kalahari Rally. Very proud moment I will never forget.

What does biking mean to you: Biking is freedom in the most simple and pure form of the word. The ability to lose yourself in focus, in your surroundings and in the adventure.

Favourite motorcycle hack (Windowlene for visors/carrying a cargo net around etc): Head and shoulders shampoo for anti fog and rain on visors and goggles. Best thing for it.

Your motorcycle idol: Joey Evans Goals for next year on a motorcycle: I’ve entered the Merzouga rally in Marocco to qualify for Dakar

What is the most important safety tip: Plan your protection. Sometimes less is more. I’ve found that in our hot climate if you wear too much bulky protective gear you can get so fatigued and overheated that you end up having and accident you would not have had in the first place. I am a big fan of the layered system, wearing multiple light layers and adjusting them according to the conditions, i.e Compression vest, Light 3DF body armour, MX jersey, Thermal vest, Rally Jacket and Thin light rain coat.

Random fact about you: ummm, Really don’t know what to put here… (From the RAD team – he could be a voice over artist)

Do you like rad. Multiple choice: yes, a lot, yes LOL

Warren Barwell


Name: Warren Barwell

Ruan Smith


Name: Ruan Smith

JKR Team

We are so proud of our @justkidsracingmotocross kids . Here is Lyla van Breda representing that girls can do this too!

We are so proud of our @justkidsracingmotocross kids . Here is @JoshTheBoss142 showing how its done.

We are so proud of our @justkidsracingmotocross kids . Here is James Reilly posing with the mates. Great stuff guys.

We are so proud of our @justkidsracingmotocross kids . Here is Aston Owen showing his moves. Well done!

We are so proud of our @justkidsracingmotocross kids . Here is @jaydee56reyneke showing great skill.

We are so proud of our @justkidsracingmotocross kids . Here is Tyler Reyneke showing how its done.

We are so proud of our @justkidsracingmotocross kids . Here is Jake Pretoruis showing his skills. Awesome!

We are so proud of our @justkidsracingmotocross kids . Here is @thorjohnsonmx taking the ramp. WOW!

Lodewyk J V Vuuren

Lodewyk J V Vuuren


•   Roof of Africa Bronze finish


•   Roof of Africa Silver finish


•   Roof of Africa Gold finish


•   GOC OR1 Off road Club Championship 2nd
•   Lowveld Enduro Championship Club 2


•   NR Off road Senior Championship 2nd
•   Lowveld Enduro Silver Championship 3


•   GXCC Senior Championship 1
•   NR Off road Championship 1
•   Mayfair Gearbox MX3 Championship 1st


•   GXCC Senior Championship 3rd
•   NR Senior Championship 2nd


•   GXCC
•   National Enduro Championship
•   EWXC
•   Lowveld Enduro
•   Adventure bike Off road Championship
•   Roof of Africa 2018

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